Useful information

Useful hotlines

In case of domestic violence, call:

099 88 78 08 Women’s Support Center

010 54 28 28 Women’s Rights Center

In case of trafficking or when there is danger of such, call:

0800 50 558 UMCOR Armenia


In the 72 hours following sexual violence, it is important to remember:

  • Immediately after sexual violence you can call 1-03 or 1-02, to receive immediate help and to record the case and evidence of physical and sexual abuse for the future.
  • You can go to the nearest police station and approach on-duty officers to make an official report of sexual abuse or harrasment.
  • If you wish to go to a police station or other institution accompanied by a specialist, you can call the Center and one of our specialists will accompany you at any stage.
  • It is preferable that you do not change your clothes or bathe before recording evidence, to ensure that physical evidence will not be removed or washed away and can be recorded.
  • It is preferable that you do not wash your hands so that the content underneath your nails can be taken as evidence, as there is often skin or other evidence of the assailant remaining, which can be used to prove the identity of the assailant in the future.
  • It is possible to take pregnancy prevention tablets (“Postinor”) within 72 hours of the assault.
  • You should undergo an exam for sexually transmitted infections, both genital and anal.
  • You should be screened three months later for HIV.
  • If you were unconscious during the assault, you should undergo a blood test to check for the presence of drugs as some can remain in the body for many hours.