Signs and consequences

The main signs and consequences of sexual violence are as follows, which should be taken into consideration. If appropriate, these should be addressed to relevant professionals and services.

  • Psychological consequences: anger, guilt, shame, frustration, low self-esteem, memory loss or difficulty, nightmares, difficulty focusing, emotional instability, post-traumatic stress disorder, skin rash or allergies, blood pressure fluctuations, nausea, eating disorders, depression, mood swings, loneliness.
  • Physical consequences: injury to sexual organs, fractures, bruises, excrements or bleeding from vagina / rectum, vomiting, pain or swelling, pain accompanied by excretion, injuries on the breast, buttocks, internal injuries to the abdominal area or genitals.
  • Reproductive health and sexuality problems: lack/decrease of sexual desire, intensification of sexual desire, vaginismus, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Behavioral problems: aggression, cruelty, drug or alcohol abuse, disordered eating, self-injury, suicidality, changes in sexual behavior.

In addition to the above signs, children and young people may refer to the following indications:

  • Non age-appropriate knowledge about sexuality or unusual attitudes towards age-appropriate sexual relations.
  • Non age-appropriate interest in others’ sexual organs.
  • Age-regressive behavior (i.e. wetting the bed long after growing out of this behavior)

It should be noted that the signs of sexual violence are diverse and besides the above-noted, other personal changes, behaviors or signs that are not mentioned can be found in a person subjected to sexual violence.