Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is defined as any act [or attempt of] an undesirable sexual comment or suggestions aimed at a person’s sexuality through coercion and threat. In defining sexual assault, the importance of consent should be emphasized.

 Types of Sexual Assault:


  • Marital rape/ intimate partner rape  
  • Date rape
  • Wartime sexual violence

 Sexual Harassment:

  • Touching of genitals, or any other part of the body, without permission
  • Filming and distributing pornographic content without consent
  • Touching genitals or any other parts of the body on transport services or in public spaces
  • Making sexual suggestions, jokes, abuse and forcing one to listen.

 Sexual Assault against minors, which can be divided into further subgroups:

  • Committing sexual pleasure with a child
  • Any act against children (sexualized attention, kisses, touches, jokes, threats, etc.) that relates to the child’s sexuality
  • Forcing a child to be present during or participate in sexual intercourse  
  • Involving a child in pornography, filming of erotic materials, or showing erotic video/videos to a child
  • Watch a child while he/she bathes or changes clothes
  • Rape of a minor, which can be committed not only with genitals, but also through penetration of any other part of the body with any object.

It should be noted that the classification of the subtypes of sexual assault has been done in compliance with the subtypes presented in professional literature. Additionally, subtypes have been identified relating to sexual assault against minors.