Advocacy is one of the most important missions of SACC.

 SACC pursues its goal through advocacy

  • In order to increase gender sensitivity in addressing sexual assault, particular attention is given to adopting a victim-centered approach in a judicial system
  • Target the legislative system through lobbying efforts.

 Throughout their 9 years of work, SACC has identified the following issues in the field:

  • Women and children who have been victims of sexual violence, are facing several problems with law enforcement agencies during standard procedures. These challenges include the victim having to restate the tragic details of their experiences many times and to many people, victims being asked stereotypical and accusatory questions and the burden of the crime placed on the victim along with several other issues.

From September to December 2010, Sexual Assault Crisis Center took the initiative to lead a group of working lawyers and experts to study Chapter 18 of the RA Criminal Code on Sexual Violence and make the necessary amendments to the existing law. The initiative was motivated and mobilized following the criminal case of sexual abuse towards minors at Nubarashen #11 Special School.

A former teacher was charged with sexual misconduct and abusing former students. As a result of the outcome of the case it was clear that there were some leniencies in the current law. Changes were crucial and urgent to ensure a fair trial for all victims involved in similar cases, which guarantees fair punishment of the perpetrators of sexual violence.

The draft of the new changes was introduced for consideration to the Nationally Assembly of the Republic of Armenia by Davit Harutyunyan, a Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs and was accepted on December 21, 2013.

Today advocacy and the protection of sexual assault victims’ interests is part of the daily activities of SACC. Evidence-based advocacy helps the SACC team ensure that its actions are consistent. By working with different groups and institutions, SACC has been able to use advocacy as a tool to promote and protect the rights of women and minors to ensure access to justice for these groups