Individual psychological support for survivors of violence

The Center provides individual psychological and legal support. In the case of sexual violence, direction to appropriate medical services is also provided if needed.

Individual psychological consultations for survivors of violence. Psychological counselling is an open, nonjudgmental space to work with problems and obstacles. During therapy it is possible to learn new skills, and strategies to overcome difficult emotions. Therapy is a space in which it is possible to discuss questions and thoughts that you don’t feel comfortable talking about with family members or close friends.

Individual legal support: In the case of sexual violence, a primary assessment is undertaken and if a criminal case is opened and there is a necessity for legal support, such support is provided.

Support for families of child survivors of sexual violence: Aside from the abovementioned services, specific services are available for families of child survivors of sexual violence. These include provision of information for parents about how to best support child survivors, how to speak with them, and how to counteract social blame, intrusive questions, unsolicited opinions, etc.